It's All About Muscle

As humans age, we lose muscle mass. The average person loses one-half a pound per year. For women, this condition could begin as early as age 15, and for men, as early as age 20. It could be that by age 50, someone may have lost as many as 15 pounds of lean muscle. That loss could result in a variety of health problems, including obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and chronic back pain, among others.

Walking, jogging and cycling earn the body almost no muscle-building benefit. In fact, if those activities are done in excess, they actually can waste muscle mass. To initiate a lasting change to your body, you must rebuild lost muscle by lifting weights. However, simply lifting weights isn't enough. For true muscle-mass gain to occur, weightlifting must be intense enough to stimulate a marked change in your body. Exercise Inc's approach builds muscle more quickly, and it is safer and more efficient than any other exercise method. By building more muscle with high-intensity exercise, our clients experience marked improvements in the following areas:


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