It's All About Exercise

Exercise Inc is a no-nonsense facility. While other facilities feature loud music, mirrors, spandex-clad instructors, televisions, vibrant colors, and unattended children, Exercise Inc takes a different, more controlled approach, allowing for the ideal exercise environment.


The exercise studio is private. No one is permitted in the studio unless he or she is with a trainer. Clients are discouraged from speaking to one another when they are in the exercise studio. It's just you and your trainer.

No Distractions.

There is no loud music, no mirrors, no "socializers" and no televisions. You also won't find any vibrant colors, telephones or children in the exercise area. This is a professional exercise facility. You exercise at Exercise Inc, and it's our responsibility to make sure you do just that.

Professional Supervision.

Your certified exercise specialist, who will work with you by appointment only and will be wearing business attire, will direct and monitor every aspect of your exercise session. It is one-on-one exercise from start to finish - as it should be.

Quality Equipment.

Exercise Inc uses MedX and SuperSlow Systems equipment. If you have used other fitness equipment, immediately you will notice a difference in how our training makes you feel. Our equipment works the body in accordance with proper muscle and joint function.


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