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At forty-nine, Mark Wolf was overweight and dealing with sleep apnea. His doctor told him the sleep apnea was probably the result of his excess weight. He prescribed a CPAP machine for Mark, but told him he could probably get off of it if he lost the weight.

At the same time, Mark noticed several of his co-workers were feeling better and losing weight doing a program that only takes 20 Minutes A Week. At the encouragement of his co-workers, Mark decided to give Exercise Inc a try.

A couple years later, and 90 pounds lighter, Mark no longer uses a CPAP machine. Check out his story to hear how 20 Minutes A Week changed his life.


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The following is a guest post from one of our clients, Tim Murphy. Since he began training with Kyle at our Zionsville location in 2014, Tim has lost over 70 pounds, reduced his waist size from 40 to 28 and reduced his suit size from 48 portly to 38 slim, among improvements to other key health metrics. To hear more about how 20 Minutes A Week has benefited Tim, check out his Client Spotlight.

By Timothy J Murphy, CAE

Now that we’ve turned the calendar on the New Year, we’re being barraged with advertising from the chain gyms and other workout facilities, all hoping to capitalize on the guilt of December’s overeating and weight gain. You’re hearing about the “dollar a week” specials, no long-term contracts, and other hyped gym membership programs, all promising to get you in shape, thus reforming you from the gluttony you indulged over the Holidays. And then by March, those who signed up with various gyms have stopped attending, and their behaviors are back to status quo. Sound familiar? It does to me, too, because I did the same thing before discovering Exercise Inc.

I had every excuse for not working out; “It’s too cold outside”; “the roads are snowy”; “it’s too far”; “I’m too busy at work”; and on and on. I suspect many - if not most - people are like that too. I wish I would have skipped this 5-month step of failure and headed right to Exercise Inc. in the first place; however, better late than never.

I have many friends who tried other regimens who are now Exercise Inc. clients, and we have shared our experiences of failing elsewhere. From these discussions, I offer the following list of excuses for not working out, and how Exercise Inc.’s unique approach to fitness and health invalidates every one of them.

Excuse # 1 – “I don’t have time.” I bet you have 20 minutes a week to spare to achieve your health and fitness goals. Most people spend more time than that in the shower, making the morning coffee, or walking the dog. You don’t need a lot of time to be successful, just a desire and a drive.

Excuse # 2 – “I am intimidated by the crowded gym.” While the other programs you may have tried were crowded and noisy, Exercise Inc is the polar opposite. You don’t need to worry about whether or not your “form” is good, or whether you are doing it right. Your coach is there, every second, to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. And there will likely be no more than two other people in the studio when you are. It’s completely private and personal.

Excuse # 3 – “I don’t like to get overheated or sweat.” You won’t do that here. It’s not about number of reps, or moving quickly; rather, it’s slow, purposeful, and effective. The studio is kept at a comfortably cool temperature, and if you do get warm, there’s a fan at each machine. No sweat (pardon the pun, please!)

Excuse # 4 – “I don’t like exercising alone.” You aren’t alone at any time during your workout session. Your coach is with you every second; no exceptions. And your coach isn’t just physically present; he/she is monitoring your exercises for safety, giving you encouragement, and reinforcing your goal attainment.

Excuse # 5 – “Exercise is boring.” It’s not at Exercise Inc, for various reasons. First, each exercise only lasts around 2 minutes or so. The entire weekly session is 20 minutes or less; and the intensity of these slow-cadence exercises is an invigorating, muscle-building experience. Boredom simply is not possible.

Excuse # 6 – “I’m slim already.” Exercise Inc isn’t exclusively about weight loss (even though many of the clients initially call because they want to lose weight). These exercises build muscle mass and increase strength, which contributes to overall health. In addition, with this regimen, you’ll likely not gain weight and/or fat as you age.

Excuse # 7 – “I’m too tired.” The more you regularly exercise, the more energy and focus you will experience. Medical studies have borne this out repeatedly over the years. The great news is that the longer you engage your 20 minutes a week, the sharper you’ll be. Imagine how alert and focused you’ll feel six months from now!

Getting started on any new project is always the toughest part. It’s a natural human tendency to rationalize not doing what we inherently know we should. And engaging a fitness regimen is no different. But all the negative aspects associated with “working out” you hear from your friends simply don’t exist at Exercise Inc. After deciding Exercise Inc is the right program for you, you’ll quickly learn that your sessions evolve from a “have to” to a “want to”.

So let’s do this; you’re out of excuses.

Ready or not, the holidays are here! Many of us are currently under an endless barrage of Christmas parties, holiday lunches and plates of cookies and candy. Most Americans gain about a pound of fat over the holidays. While a pound doesn’t sound like a lot, it can quickly add up to 10 pounds of holiday weight in the next 10 years.

While we are always giving nutritional advice at Exercise Inc, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to offer a few last-minute tips to help you survive the holidays while sticking to your weight loss or weight management plan.

Most of us allow external visual cues to determine how much we eat. The larger the portion, the more we eat; the bigger the container, the more we pour; the closer the bowl of M&Ms, the more we indulge. Much of our eating is determined by external cues instead of internal cues. When you eat, take time to cultivate other senses, which often provide more accurate information about when and how much to eat. Does this cookie smell as good as it looks (probably not, if it’s only attraction is colorful icing)? Does the third bite of this dessert taste nearly as good as the first? I know I could eat the rest of this, but am I still hungry?

Food researcher Brian Wansink recently asked a group of French people how they knew when to stop eating. “When I feel full,” they replied. When Americans were asked the same question, the response was, “When my plate is clean” or “When I run out.” The French take longer to eat, and they enjoy mealtime with friends and family—the way meals used to be in America.

Supposedly it takes about twenty minutes before the brain gets the signal the belly is full; unfortunately most of us take less than twenty minutes to finish a meal. Because of this, the feeling of being full exerts little if any influence on how much we eat. When you sit down for Christmas dinner, enjoy the event of the meal. Talk to people around the table, and take time to enjoy the food. Learn to let the fullness of your belly guide you more than the emptiness of your plate.

Brian Wansink offers dozens of helpful tips for paying attention to external food cues in his recent book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. Here are a few of the simple tips he offers:

1. Serve smaller portions on smaller plates

2. Serve food and beverages from small containers

3. Use glasses that are more vertical than horizontal (we tend to pour more into squat glasses)

4. Leave healthy foods like a bowl of fruit in view

5. Keep unhealthy foods out of view

6. Leave serving bowls in the kitchen rather than on the table to discourage second helpings

7. Limit TV time during the holidays. People who watch 60 minutes of TV a day eat 28% more than those watching 30 minutes

Hopefully these few simple tips outside of the norm will help you survive the holiday season without gaining that extra pound. Remember one of the best things you can do after a meal is go for a walk. What a great way to enjoy time with friends and family.

I hope all of you have a great holiday season!

Bo Railey


The following is a guest post from one of our clients, Tim Murphy. Since he began training with Kyle at our Zionsville location in 2014, Tim has lost over 70 pounds, reduced his waist size from 40 to 28 and reduced his suit size from 48 portly to 38 slim, among improvements to other key health metrics. To hear more about how 20 Minutes A Week has benefited Tim, check out his Client Spotlight.

By Timothy J Murphy, CAE

Back in July 2014, when I walked through the door of Exercise Inc in Zionsville for the first time, I immediately noticed three words on the door; “Private; Personal; Professional”. Up to this point, I really hoped that Exercise Inc was different from other fitness programs at which I had tried and failed; now I inherently knew it was.

The “private” part of the program appealed to me because I wasn’t in good physical shape then, and I had been somewhat embarrassed in gyms I had tried before; largely due to my lack of form, as well as ability to look like I knew what I was doing. And I certainly couldn’t sling the weight around like the other 30 guys in the weight area of the “mega-gym” I joined (but seldom attended!)

The “professional” part was easy to discern right away. The space had a professional look and feel. There was no music, no loud noises; just quiet conversation between coach and client, and among clients waiting for their sessions to start. The lobby and waiting area reminded me more of a law firm or other professional office suite. What a contrast to what I had known before!

But the “professional” aspect goes way beyond aesthetics and impression; it’s the very reason this regimen works so well. You wouldn’t dream of representing yourself in court, or sewing up a wound that required suturing. So why do people feel imminently qualified to self-create regimens to fine tune the intricate and incredibly complex human musculoskeletal system and the nutrition of the entire body? This is where your coach comes in, with specific knowledge, study, and training designed to keep you strong and healthy, but also safe in the process.

The “personal” part was a foreign concept to me in the fitness world. How could working out in a regular gym – even with a “personal trainer” – actually be truly personal? I’d had a personal trainer before. I liked him, but he always had three or four clients at the same time; or bounced back and forth between them while I was working out unsupervised. But after I was greeted by my coach Kyle, and we began the initial consultation, I knew that the personal aspect was going to be what made me want to do this even more.

We discussed my fitness goals at length, as well as in depth. I could tell from the start that he had a vested interest in my success, and it really was on a most personal level. I had to be prepared to listen, learn, and implement the strategies he created for me, and engage the new lifestyle with enthusiasm. I was able to do that because that terrific coach, among his other roles, is also my personal “cheerleader”.

I have always maintained that success comes when one is not only properly motivated, but is encouraged by others as well. My coach is the source of encouragement, advice, counsel, information, and strategy. Try getting that from a treadmill or an elliptical machine (even if they DO have cool TV screens on them now that make you think you’re running on a beach)! A programmed electronic device, however, doesn’t care if you succeed or not, and can’t teach you the things you need to implement your fitness strategy successfully.

Thus, the coach is really what makes the difference, and your success will be affected by how you interact with him or her. In that spirit, here are a few strategies that will most likely make you successful in your fitness endeavor:

  • Create and maintain trust. Your secrets are safe with your coach; know that he/she won't betray that for any reason at any time, as the coaches ALL take the client confidentiality privilege very seriously. You can talk to your coach about the stressors in your life, your diet, your successes as well as your failures - and that information is used by your coach to keep honing your fitness strategic plan, and it goes nowhere else.
  • Share your personal goals and aspirations, and what obstacles you feel might be limiting you. Let him or her know how you're feeling about your progress, because if you're not enthused or satisfied with your rate of improvement, you'll likely set yourself up for failure.
  • Establish a good rapport with your coach. Let him or her get to know you, and what motivates or frustrates you. Having a good insight into your personality will help your coach keep you on track with your fitness goals.
  • Put forth 120% effort at your session each week. Yes, the exercises can be hard at times, but that's how you know they're working. Perform one more push, pull or lift than you think you can, and walk out that front door completely exhausted yet invigorated. This will assist your coach in knowing what your true limits are, which is vital to adjusting your regimen to achieve your goals faster.

Of those three unique qualities – private, personal, professional – I would never have succeeded in reaching my health and weight benchmarks without the “personal” part. My coach has been there for me, in and out of the studio, when I had questions, or needed advice and encouragement. And that is what made the difference between mediocrity and abject excellence in my fitness journey. All this can be summed up by a quote from the great Coach John Wooden, who said, “A good coach can change a game; A great coach can change a life.” Come see how we’re literally changing lives in 20 minutes a week.

Another Holiday season is upon us, and we have a lot to be thankful for as we reflect on the past year. We are able to help more people than ever before, and we have added new trainers. We were also reminded this year of how generous our Exercise Inc clients are when so many people donated money to help the Vanderkleed family, long-time Brownsburg clients, after the tragic death of their young son. We set a goal to raise $5,000, but we more than doubled that amount! We are truly blessed and humbled by our amazing family. It's an honor to pursue our mission to help people become stronger, healthier and more energetic so they can enjoy life.

At Exercise Inc, we have always cherished the opportunity the Holiday season provides to give back. After five years of holding our annual charity fundraiser, we have raised over $33,000 to help local organizations serve needy families! This isn't possible without our amazing clients' generosity.

To make this year's fundraising tradition the BEST EVER, we need your help! Our goal this year is to raise more than $8,750 to help these organizations serve others in our communities.

Suzie’s Place in Avon

Habit of the Heart in Brownsburg

The Refuge in Greenwood

The Lebanon Welfare League in Zionsville

To help us raise as much money as possible, we will also be giving away 48 FREE sessions!

We are giving away 3 months of personal training! At EACH location!

There are 2 ways you can help us raise money, and each will earn you a chance to win 3 months of training:

  1. You can purchase a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. For every $90 gift certificate you purchase for a friend or family member who is not already a client, we will donate $20 to the charitable organization in your community, AND enter your name in the drawing to win 3 months of personal training.
  1. You can also give by making a donation to one of these organizations through Exercise Inc. For every $20 donation you make, your name will be entered into a drawing to win 3 months of personal training. Just give your trainer cash or write a check.

And there's still one more way YOU can benefit from all of this: You will also earn a FREE session for yourself if the loved one you purchased the gift certificate for becomes a client!

So let’s do this! Help us raise money to give back to others this holiday season.



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