Giving-HeaderAs the holiday season approaches, we take time to consider everything we are thankful for. This year has been a year of milestones for Exercise Inc. Among them, we eclipsed 750 clients trained in a week, we have more clients than ever before, and we opened our Greenwood facility as our fourth location. We are truly blessed!

The holiday season also provides an opportunity to give back. Giving has always been an important component of Exercise Inc. We have held an annual Charity Fundraiser for the past three years to help local organizations serve needy families. In those three years, we’ve raised over $17,500 – thanks to our amazing clients!

This year, we are continuing our fundraising tradition. We’ve set a goal to raise more than $7,000 to help these organizations serve others in our communities.

  • Suzie’s Place in Avon
  • Habit of the Heart in Brownsburg
  • The Refuge in Greenwood
  • The Lebanon Welfare League in Zionsville

There are 2 ways you can help us raise money, and each will earn you a chance to win 3 months of training:

  1. Blog-Graphic-TreeFor every $20 donation you make to one of these organizations through Exercise Inc, your name will be entered into a drawing to win 3 months of personal training.
  1. You can also give by purchasing a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. For every $90 gift certificate you purchase for a friend or family member who is not a client, we will donate $20 to the charitable organization in your community, and enter your name in the drawing to win 3 months of personal training.

You will also earn yourself a free session if the person you purchased the gift certificate for becomes a client.

So let’s do this! Help us raise money to give back to others this holiday season.

Larry Varvel

Exercise Inc's Client of the Month

March 2015

Larry Varvel is turning back time. He heard about Exercise Inc on WIBC and decided to come to an open house we were having. He liked what he saw, so he gave us a try. He didn’t let being 72 years old, effect his attitude towards our program. He shared with his trainer, Chris that he wanted to lose 25 pounds and get stronger.

It only took Larry two months to achieve his goals. He got his weight down to 150, and he improved his strength and his posture. Before Larry started our program he couldn’t lift his shoulder over his head. Now he has full mobility in his shoulder and he can do anything he wants.

Larry says, “You can never be too old to do this program.”

Three years ago we started an annual tradition of raising money to give to needy families in our communities at Christmas. Last year, with the help of our amazing clients we were able to raise $5,900. This year we set out on a journey to do more. With your help we were able to do that. So here’s how we did this year.

Avon Raised $1550 for Susie’s Place

Brownsburg Raised $1000 for Habit of the Heart

Zionsville Raised $4345 for The Lebanon Welfare League


Our mission is to help people enjoy life. Thank you for helping us make life more enjoyable for folks who need help in our communities. This has been one of our greatest accomplishments so far as a business. I’m so proud of our team and our family of clients.
So the winners of 3 Months of personal training are!

Avon - Nate Troyer

Brownsburg - Denny Fulton

Zionsville - Lyn Coles

Thank you so much for helping us help others.
Merry Christmas; Happy New Year!

Julie Dawson

Exercise Inc's Client of the Month

December 2014

Julie Dawson is a registered nurse at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. She heard about our program on WIBC. She called us because she felt that as a registered nurse it is her responsibility to present a picture of health for her patients.

Within a few months Julie lost 40 pounds. But that’s not all. Julie has also gotten so much stronger from our program. As a spinal cord nurse she has to move a lot of heavy people all day long. Her strength has made her job so much easier.

Check out this video to see why Julie loves Exercise Inc.

as-seen-on-fox-59 as-heard-on-wibc
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