June 10, 2014

Client of the Month: June 2014

By Allison












Steve Allison

Exercise Inc’s Client of the Month

June 2014

Steve Allison is a former minor league baseball player. Being a dad and owning a small business left little time for him to work out. After hearing our ads on WIBC, he decided to give Exercise Inc a try.

Eighteen months later he is 40 lbs. lighter. But that’s not all. He is stronger than ever, his blood pressure is lower, he has energy to play with his kids, and he feels a lot better.

Steve loves the accountability he gets from his coach, Amanda. He also loves the way 20 minutes once a week fits into his busy schedule.

Oh, and here’s a link to Steve’s business, The Closers Inc. There is a great video that shows Steve before Exercise Inc.