April 10, 2015

Client of the Month – April 2015

By Bo

Judy Frick

Exercise Inc’s Client of the Month

April 2015

Judy Frick wanted to lose about 10 or 15 pounds. Even though she wasn’t getting it done on her own, she didn’t think she needed a trainer.  After talking to Tracie Shearer, who is a Personal Fitness Coach in Avon, Judy decided to give it a try.

With Tracie’s help, at age 55, Judy was able to transform her body. Instead of losing 10 pounds, she ended up losing 57 pounds in 16 months.

 Judy was initially afraid to lift weights because of her golfer’s elbow, but our slow lift method was safe enough for her to build muscle in spite of her injury.

Judy credits her weight loss success to Tracie’s encouragement, support and education.

If you are struggling to lose weight, you might benefit from the help of one of our coaches. We are here to help, support and encourage you to reach you health and fitness goals.

Check out Judy’s story.

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Bo Railey