December 16, 2015

Giving Back this Holiday Season

By Bo


We’ve raised over $2,500 so far!

Don’t miss your chance to help needy people in your community during Christmas, and get a chance to win 3 months of personal training. In the past three years, we’ve raised over $17,500 to donate to local organizations that help needy families during the holiday season. This year our goal is to raise $7,000 by December 23! So far we have raised over $2,500. With one week left to give, I’m confident that we can come together and finish strong to meet that goal!

To help give back, Exercise Inc is giving away 48 personal training sessions.

We are giving away one 3-month package at each location!o

On December 23, we will draw to give away a 3-month training package to 4 lucky winners. You don’t have to be a client to enter. We want to raise as much money as possible for 4 local charities.

  • Suzie’s Place in Avon
  • Habit of the Heart in Brownsburg
  • The Refuge in Greenwood
  • The Lebanon Welfare League in Zionsville

All of these organizations do a great job helping folks in need, especially at Christmas time, so our goal is to raise more than $7,000 by December 23 to help them.

There are 2 ways you can help us raise money, and each will earn you a chance to win 3 months of training:

  1. For every $20 donation you make to one of these organizations through Exercise Inc, your name will be entered into a drawing to win 3 months of personal training.
  1. You can also give by purchasing a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. For every $90 gift certificate you purchase for a friend or family member who is not a client, we will donate $20 to the charitable organization in your community, and enter your name in the drawing to win 3 months of personal training.

You will also earn yourself a free session if the person you purchased the gift certificate for becomes a client.

So let’s do this! Help us raise money to give back to others this holiday season.

Only one week left to enter!

Also, you can call in and make a donation over the phone.

Avon 272-8001

Brownsburg 858-7874

Greenwood 865-9000

Zionsville 873-5700