August 8, 2011

Personal Fitness Coach: Amanda Gatlin LIVE on Fox59!

Amanda Gatlin, Personal Fitness Coach at Exercise Inc in Brownsburg, was featured by Fox 59  on August 8, 2011. Amanda has been with Exercise Inc since 2008 and has devoted her life to being a wonderful mom and helping others to improve their health and fitness. After attending the 2011 Indy HIT Seminar, Amanda made it her goal to raise her family more healthy by incorporating the paleo lifestyle into their dietary and lifestyle habits. She created her blog, to highlight this transition and help others realize that you can live a paleo lifestyle with children.

In this video Angela Ganote, who is a client at Exercise Inc, interviews Amanda on tips for mommies as they prepare children to go back to school. We hope you enjoy the video. For more information on being a paleo mom, contact Amanda at