June 18, 2019

Simple 9 Lifestyle Kickstart

Complete the Application below for the Simple 9 Lifestyle Kickstart, Specifically Created for YOU!

In just 9 weeks, you’ll be stronger, feel better and have more energy. Most of our clients lose 3-5 pounds (or more) in their first 9 weeks.

Believe it or not, it’s only taken 9 weeks for most of our clients to build the foundation to Change Their Lives in 20 Minutes A Week.


Only 10 packages available at each location – $499

What You Get:

  • One 20 Minute strength training session a week, customized to YOUR goals
  • Our Simple 9 nutritional program for developing healthy habits
  • A PERSONAL coach to hold you accountable to reach your goals
  • Weekly check ins from your coach to make sure you’re reaching YOUR goals
  • A copy of Body By Science, the book written by Dr. Doug McGuff, which explains why our program works
  • You will build a foundation that will help you become stronger, healthier and more energetic!


The program takes only 20 Minutes A Week at one of our four locations.


See how Kenny and Bunny changed their lives in just 20 Minutes A Week.