December 1, 2009

Tips for The Holidays

By Admin

Well here we are, in the middle of the holiday season.  Hopefully this means spending more quality time with family and friends and doing something meaningful for your church or your favorite charity.

For most of us it means lots of opportunities to eat.  The average American gains 3 to 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.  It’s not the feast you have for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner that causes the weight gain; it’s constant consumption of extra calories throughout the season.

So here are four quick tips to help you make through the holidays without any extra baggage.

1. Plan to have a couple of all out feasts.   That’s right, just get it out your system and eat any and everything you want for one or two meals (not days).

2.  Don’t keep leftover cookies, pies, candy or cakes around after your one meal feast is over.  It’s the snacking on these items throughout the holidays that causes the weight gain.

3.  Always go for the veggie or fruit tray if you are at a party.  If you can, take a veggie or fruit tray to the party.

4. Drink plenty of water.  If you are drinking alcohol, drink one large glass of ice water for every alcoholic beverage.