February 1, 2010

Body by Science

By Admin

One of the great things about Exercise Inc is the longer we do this the more we know we are on the right track.  We see this in the number of clients who lose fat, get stronger and just feel better.  We also see this in the fact that lots of new scientific research keeps confirming that 20 minutes once a week is all the exercise most of us need.

Last April we were fortunate enough to have Body By Science author, Dr. Doug McGuff, visit us to do a lecture and a book signing.  The great thing about Dr. McGuff is the fact that he is an emergency room physician who has a passion for high intensity strength training.

In his lecture he offered a lot of information that isn’t in his book about fat loss, strength training and health in general.  You may be surprised to hear some of Dr. McGuff’s views on nutrition.

You can view Dr. McGuff’s presentation below.  Also, feel free to forward this to any of your friends who might be on the fence about Exercise Inc.


Body By Science from Pinpoint Multimedia on Vimeo.