October 1, 2014

August 2014 Client of the Month: Linda McGowan

By Bo

Linda McGowan Client of the MonthLinda McGowan
Exercise Inc’s Client of the Month
October 2014

Linda McGowan heard our ads on WIBC for a long to time. She actually made her first appointment with us to prove the our claim of “20 Minutes a Week” was wrong. But, just in case our program worked she told us her goals were to get stronger and lose some weight.

Her doctor told her she needed to gain some strength in her knees. He test her knee strength when she started our program. Six weeks later her doctor tested her knee strength again, and was surprised to find her knee strength had improved 50%.

Linda also lost 40 lbs in her first six months as a client. Needless to say, Linda’s hooked on Exercise Inc. Check out this video as Linda shares her experience with our program. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how much she loves working with her coach, Kyle Truitt.

Watch her video