November 1, 2009

Exercise Inc in Zionsville

By Admin

It’s been an exciting year at Exercise Inc. In 2009 we opened a new studio in Zionsville, launched a new website and McGraw Hill published a new book about our program. At the same time, we have continued to help hundreds of clients get stronger, have more energy, lose weight and just feel better.

If you haven’t read the book Body by Science, you are missing the best material ever published on the subject of exercise. The author, Dr. Doug McGuff, is an emergency room physician who also owns his own personal training studio.

In the book, Dr. McGuff shares some of the latest research on exercise and explains how this research relates to the average person who simply wants to improve their quality of life through safe, efficient exercise.

Dr. McGuff believes a strength training program of 4 to 6 exercises performed to complete exhaustion once a week is the best way for everyone to exercise. Hmm! That’s the same program we’ve been using at Exercise Inc for almost 6 years. In the book, Dr. McGuff spends a lot of time explaining the science behind why our program works and what the benefits of the program can be.

We were fortunate enough to have Dr. McGuff come to Indianapolis in April for a lecture and a book signing. When he was here, I was able to do an interview with him about the book.

If you would like to purchase Dr. McGuff’s book, you can find it on Amazon, at your local bookstore or just come in to Exercise Inc.

If you are in the area, please stop in to see our new Zionsville location. It’s on Michigan Road, just north of 106th street.