August 15, 2011

Exercise Inc Update

Well it’s been a few months since our last newsletter.  We’ve been really busy, but that’s no excuse for not keeping everyone informed about what’s been happening at Exercise Inc.

So far, 2011 has been the best year we’ve ever had.  We are changing the lives of more people than ever before.  Thanks to you, our clients, telling your friends about us, our business has increased 20% over last year (what recession?).  Our Zionsville store is almost at capacity, training more than 250 personal training sessions a week.  Our Avon store has seen a record high as well this year, and our Brownsburg store as usual is “turnin and burnin,” as you know who would say.

In June, we hosted an incredible seminar here in Indianapolis for personal trainers from all over the country to learn about slow movement, high intensity strength training.  It was an opportunity for us to sharpen our skills as trainers and to network with other trainers from all over the country who do what we do.  It’s amazing to me that the methods we use are so effective, but there really are only a hand full of training studios who use those methods. I guess that means we’ll have to open more Exercise Inc’s.

The two most informative speakers at the seminar were Dr. Doug McGuff and Mark Sisson.  Dr. McGuff wrote a great book a couple of years ago called Body By Science which explains scientifically, from a doctor’s point of view why 20 minutes a week is all anyone needs to exercise.  Mark Sisson is a former professional endurance athlete who wrote Primal Blueprint, which is a plan for living  the way our paleolithic ancestors did in order to promote maximum health and longevity.

It was amazing to hear these two very eloquent speakers explain from a medical and anthropological perspective that to achieve maximum health our exercise needs to be less frequent and more intense (i.e. 20 minutes a week) and we need to stop eating sugars and grains.  Both Doug and Mark recommended a we stick to eating only meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.  It’s that simple. The problem is our western diet is so screwed up, that you really have to hunt and gather (or forage, as Mark puts it) to find real food.  Once you understand that corn and beans aren’t vegetables, 80% of the items in the modern grocery store become disqualified as viable foods for sustaining health.  That’s really scary when you consider the amount of corn and beans we grow in Indiana.

If you would like to see Doug or Mark’s presentation, DVDs from our seminar are on sale for $20.  They are well worth the money and time to hear good scientific evidence supporting the type of diet we have been encouraging you to eat.

As a final comment I would like to congratulate Sid Morris, the manager of our Zionsville store for winning our Go-Getter contest in June.

Because Sid generated the most referrals, and he did it in the most creative manner, he won $200 and an iPad 2. Congratulations Sid!