November 14, 2017

Why We Like RXBARs

By Bo

For a little over a year now we’ve made RXBARs available at all four Exercise Inc locations. These real food bars are the only nutritional product we’ve ever sold in our 14 years of business. We are very picky about promoting any supplement or food product. We are so picky that RXBARs are the only thing we’ve ever wanted to make available to our clients. They are a quick, easy snack that you can grab on your way out the door, or stock up on for when you are hungry on the go.

So why do we like these bars so much? For years we’ve looked for snack bars that didn’t have a bunch of crap in them. Every protein or snack bar we’ve tried has ingredients that disrupt your health. Let’s take a look at some popular examples so you can understand what we mean.

Kind Bars promote themselves as a healthy snack bar with 5 “super grains,” no gluten, and no GMOs. Sounds healthy, right? Turns out after whole grains, the second ingredient is tapioca syrup (sugar), the third ingredient is dried cane syrup (sugar) the fourth ingredient is honey (sugar), the eighth ingredient is sugar, the ninth ingredient is brown rice syrup (sugar), and the tenth ingredient is molasses (sugar). This healthy grain snack bar contains six different kinds of sugar. Why so many? It’s a trick food manufacturers use to keep sugar from being the first ingredient in the food list. Kind Bars are not so kind after all. They also contain canola oil which, 90% of the time, is genetically modified. It’s also partially hydrogenated, which means it contains trans fatty acids that have all sorts of undesirable effects on your body.

Clif Bar’s claim to fame is they are made from organic rolled oats. But wait, read the fine print. There is more organic brown rice syrup (sugar) than oats in this “healthy” snack bar. I love how they cleverly disguise that their nutrition bar for “sustained energy” is mostly sugar. I can hear the food scientists collaborating with their marketing team, “Let’s use an added sugar made from organic brown rice so people will be fooled into thinking it’s healthy”. Added sugar from “organic brown rice syrup” is no better for you than added sugar from high fructose corn syrup, especially when it’s the most prominent ingredient in a food. The folks at Clif Bar pack even more sugar for “sustained energy” into their bars by making organic cane syrup the third ingredient, and dried cane syrup the sixth ingredient. These bars also contain organic high oleic sunflower oil, which is again manufactured through hydrogenation, producing toxic trans fats.

We could very easily continue to bash every energy/protein/nutrition bar on the market, because they are very similar to Kind Bars and Clif Bars. The only snack bars we’ve found to be different are RXBARs. It seems the founders of the company had the same frustration with energy bars as we did—none of them contain real foods or healthy ingredients. So, two best friends got together in their kitchen and began making bars with real, simple ingredients. Each bar contains 3 egg whites, 2 dates, and nuts (either almonds, cashews, pecans and/or peanuts)—real food. No B.S. No fillers. Just good clean food with 100% natural flavors. Their bars also contain no added sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten. There are no health claims on the packaging. And the ingredients are listed right up front.

We’ve been selling RXBARs for about a year. Our motivation is to provide our clients with a healthy snack they can eat on the go. The bars haven’t been quite as popular as we anticipated. Beginning Monday, November 20, we are reducing the price of RXBARs to $2.00 each (we’ve been selling them for $3.00). We are hoping this price reduction will encourage some of you to take advantage of this simple snack.

Also, check out their website. They currently have 13 flavors, and they now have RXBAR kids.

Keep nutrition simple with this real food snack.

Stay Strong,

Bo Railey