Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
April 4, 2023

Tim and Dawn Bird: Getting Maximum Results in Minimal Time

Tim Bird started training at Exercise Inc after a friend gave him a gift certificate for his birthday. He initially wanted to gain some upper body strength and improve his overall health.

His wife, Dawn, started training shortly after that because of the progress she saw her husband making. She wanted to relieve her back pain, and her physical therapist told her to increase her core strength to alleviate some shoulder issues.

Both Tim and Dawn initially doubted Exercise Inc could work despite hearing family and friends talk about the changes they made in their lives. But it didn’t take long before Tim and Dawn became believers, too.

Tim gained significant strength and now has a lot more energy in everything he does. The small children in his life think Tim is a hero because he can lift them up with one arm.

Dawn no longer has any back pain, and her shoulder issues have gone away. She also lost 30 pounds after gaining weight when elbow surgery forced her to avoid exercise for several months.

Tim and Dawn both feel that the discipline of their weekly workouts and the accountability they receive from their personal coach helps them maintain a consistent schedule and proper nutrition.

“This is the lowest time commitment you can have to get the maximum results,” Tim declares.

Please enjoy hearing Tim and Dawn share their story of how Exercise Inc changed their lives.


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