Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
August 7, 2018

Victoria Jideonwo: Strength Training During Pregnancy

Victoria Jideonwo has a very busy career as a research scientist. When she decided she wanted to get a little more toned and work on her weight, her husband thought our 20 Minutes A Week would fit into her busy schedule.

She started two years ago, and her goals were to get toned, lose some weight and get healthier. Within no time she had lost 10 pounds and was feeling stronger and looking a lot leaner. Then . . . Victoria got pregnant, but that didn’t keep her from continuing her training at Exercise Inc 20 Minutes A Week.

Victoria felt like our program was a life saver for her during her pregnancy. Training through her pregnancy helped maintain her strength and actually helped her morning sickness. Victoria was wise to continue our program during her pregnancy, since strength training during pregnancy is associated with increased energy and reduced fatigue.

Now that she’s a mom with a career, her time is even more valuable. That makes our program perfect for her as she tries find a balance between work and home life.


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