Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!

Ben Van Dyke

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Where did you go to college? University of Indianapolis

Major Exercise Science, with concentration in Athletic Training

Year Graduated 2023


Where did you grow up? South side of Indy

What town do you live in? Franklin

What are your hobbies? Golf, fishing, pickleball, working out

What is your favorite sports team? Colts

What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about you? I parked multiple famous athletes' cars, including Peyton Manning

What is your favorite type of music? Alternative rock, but can listen to anything. Favorite Band is Kings of Leon

What is one of your lifetime goals? To golf at Augusta National Golf Club

As A Part of The Exercise Inc Team

What brought you to Exercise Inc? I was assisting my manager Kyle’s mom in physical therapy, helping her recover from an injury. I was explaining to her how I wanted to pursue a different career in the health and fitness field, rather than physical therapy. She told me her son has worked at Exercise Inc for multiple years. The concept of Exercise Inc sounded interesting, so I decided to walk in and introduce myself to Kyle. The gym had a position open, and the rest is history.

What year did you become part of the team? 2023

Why do you like being a personal fitness coach/ part of the Exercise Inc team? I enjoy helping clients reach their fitness goals, forming relationships with them, and genuinely caring for their health and wellness. Being a fitness coach is neat because I get to see the progress my clients make each week.

What is your favorite exercise? Why? EXL: This machine is great because it isolates the muscles in the low back and is beneficial for not only your back, but the core also.

What is your least favorite exercise? Why? Compound Row: This machine is very important because it works more than one muscle group. However, keeping the weight controlled is very difficult. Anyone who has tried it understands. It is a good pain. It is a pleasurable torment!