Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
Not ready to leave your house? Virtual training available now!
May 17, 2018

The Top 3 Questions of New Exercise Inc Clients

By Timothy J Murphy, CAE


People contact Exercise Inc because they’re curious, but they stay because of how they begin to look and feel. Those who call or come for the first time do so for a variety of reasons; for example, to lose weight, gain muscle mass, get leaner and stronger, or simply to achieve a higher level of overall physical fitness.

Over the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of bringing several new clients to Exercise Inc, and have watched them realize their goals, and thus change their lives. Since I brought them along in the first place, they share with me their experiences and frustrations, and ask questions about my experiences along the fitness journey. From these discussions, I’ve identified the top 3 questions of a new client, and my advice for anyone thinking about starting a fitter, healthier way of life.

1. “Does this REALLY work?” The short answer is “absolutely”. But it’s important to understand why. (And yes, it really does take only 20 minutes a week.)

The new client who asks this must have had some faith in the program, or they wouldn’t have come for their consultation in the first place. When I have been asked this, I point them to the expert medical and physiological sources who explain how and why it works. My first “go-to” source is Body By Science by Dr. Doug McGuff. Here he explains how building muscle will decrease your body’s fat, and this regimen builds muscle more rapidly than anything else. (You can also likely pick up a copy at the closest Exercise Inc location to you; and it’s available online at Amazon, among other sellers.)

Losing muscle mass is a natural occurrence as people age. But at Exercise Inc, they’ll help you fight back by re-building that muscle mass that will help avoid obesity, decrease body fat, help with blood pressure and cholesterol issues, and, of course, build your strength. Click HERE for good information on how these things are accomplished.

2. “I’ve failed at this before. I joined a gym, used the personal trainer services, and couldn’t stick with it. How will this be different?” I love this question, because I am also that guy who did the same thing over the years, and failed miserably. I would venture a guess that 25% of the population has also done that very same thing.

I knew Exercise Inc was different the moment I walked in the door. All the ingredients of the program come together to make success happen, but for me, the number one asset, absent from traditional gyms, is my coach, Kyle. I can tell him anything: my frustrations, challenges, weight fluctuations, diet slip-ups, fears, you name it. And his extensive knowledge and empathy are coupled with encouragement to keep me going, even when the easy thing would be to give up. That extremely personal connection is the spark that we all need to keep with our fitness and healthy habits. And your coach will always be there for you, too.

3. “I want to build muscle and re-shape my body. How long is this going to take?” That’s a tough question, because there is no absolute answer; everyone’s body is different. The guiding factors, however, include current (starting) level of fitness, metabolism, current muscle mass, BMI, and overall state of health. So these indicators are your baseline for beginning your fitness and health quest. The effort you put into your workouts, your discipline to change unhealthy habits, and your commitment to the program also play an important role in your results. While I can’t answer that question for you directly, I can share my experience.

When I started, my initial goal was weight loss. I didn’t even think about anything else, like muscular definition, better muscle mass, and incredible increases in strength. (Imagine how surprised I was when I realized all that was happening alongside my weight loss!) It was probably 45 days before I felt my clothes becoming a bit looser, and the “in the mirror” body changes weren’t visible for 4 months or so. After about 90 days, I was getting somewhat discouraged and sidetracked, but Kyle kept me focused and propped up. After that, the results just kept rolling in, and I was getting stronger, leaner, and healthier each month. And at about the 2 ½-year mark, I said goodbye to the 70th pound. I am still seeing strength and health improvement each week, as my fitness adventure is constantly evolving, and there are always new goals to tackle.

“What’s your advice for your friends who have become clients?” Frankly, I really have a vested interest in my friends’ success, because I am the one who introduced them to the program. I want them to attain the same level of achievement and increased life enjoyment I have experienced. After all, they’re my friends!

In a nutshell, I offer each of them 7 pieces of advice to keep them motivated:

  1. Give 120% effort each session.
  2. Never, ever give up.
  3. Celebrate your weekly successes.
  4. Don’t rush it, you’ll get there.
  5. Always be open and honest with your coach.
  6. Enjoy the journey.
  7. On your way out the door each week, picture yourself a year from now. That’s the greatest motivation of all.

The preceding was a guest post from one of our clients, Tim Murphy. Since he began training with Kyle at our Zionsville location in 2014, Tim has lost over 70 pounds, reduced his waist size from 40 to 28 and reduced his suit size from 48 portly to 38 slim, among improvements to other key health metrics. To hear more about how 20 Minutes A Week has benefited Tim, check out his Client Spotlight.